Reboot and anniversary


Let’s restart this whole thing – at least I will try. Spring is the time of new beginnings here, so let’s see if I can do here something along those lines. The anniversary in the title refers to my time in Japan: I arrived here exactly one year ago. It’s quite unbelievable, and I have to say this one year went by unbelievably fast, I didn’t even notice. Compared to my time being in Japan I managed to do far less than expected unfortunately. There are things I don’t feel like doing, or at times nothing at all, or sometimes daily life itself gets in the way – or it’s a good excuse, who knows, but let’s not go there. At least I’m trying, though sometimes I feel like I’m wasting time – on the other hand I can’t help but feel irritated after fighting my way though a few pages of Japanese secondary literature that bores me to no end or is needlessly difficultly written. And somehow I started to feel the same way about this blog. As I got busier it became clear, that it’s impossible to keep blogging as I have been up until that time. Not to mention I spent weeks at home reading for my research, which wasn’t that much fun to write about either, and after a while this blog became a drag to write always weighing down on me – so in the end I didn’t write anything. But given how forgetful I am and have a hard time remembering what happened a few weeks ago already, I have to do something, so let’s try something else. I will try to write shorter summaries, and we will see how it goes. The most important thing is to catch up to the present now, so this week I will start to get over the past few month. See you then~