05. 25. Saturday

...and the insides

…and the insides



05/25 Saturday
This day I decided to go to the shopping district. The reason was, I had to find a Mitsui Sumitomo Bank to pay the airport tax, and I didn’t find any closer. Later it turned out there were closer ones, but oh well. The tax issue was strange too, because I didn’t get the first mail from the Foreign Student Division about it, and when the reminder mail arrived, it almost made you feel like a criminal for not paying the tax yet ^^; Actually I think this is because their English isn’t that great, but still. Not to mention the mail system of the FSD or KyoDai is horrible, there are more mails I didn’t get, and I’m not the only one.

Miso katsu

Miso katsu

Anyway, before going to town I went to the Fresco at Shuugakuin and got some strawberries at the other shop – and a creampan for breakfast~ Then I hurried to the shopping district, because I wanted to have lunch at Matsuontoko. The lunch menu was miso katsu with fake meat of course, brown rice, salad with a great sauce and pumpkin cream soup – yay~ I just love it~ After eating I went to look for the bank and found it too, but yeah, it was Saturday, so there were no windows open. Somehow I thought Saturday would be safe, but well. Sure, the ATMs were there, and with small transfers it’s always via ATM, but without help I had no idea which button to push.

My other objective was doujinshi shopping. After my trip to Osaka I just couldn’t accept the fact that a big town like Kyoto doesn’t have any place for second-hand DJ shopping. I was searching through the net and found one in the shopping district and few days later I found another one while I was flipping through Animate’s magazine, the second-hand shop Lashinbang, so I wanted to look for both. On the way back I took a detour to the Daimaru department store to check out how it is like. Well, it’s another high-end store, but just like the others, it’s full of people. I was actually looking for a jewelry box, and saw some too, but for ridiculous prices.

The Nishiki Food Market was crowded...

The Nishiki Food Market was crowded…

After a round I wanted to get out and continue my search, but I had no idea where I entered the store, and when I got out I had no idea where I was XD; I just went in the direction that made sense and soon I found myself at the famed Nishiki Food Market. Well, I for my part wasn’t really impressed, and I can say, I won’t go back there ever, if I don’t have to, because it’s narrow, full of tourists and a constant fish stench. Due to the latter I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, but everybody else was walking very slowly and nearly impossible to pass by. The only interesting thing was a shop there they were in the process of making mochi in a huge wooden bowl and wooden hammer.

So many pretty stones~

So many pretty stones~

There was a demonstration at the shopping district - it was against North Korea, pachinko and what not

There was a demonstration at the shopping district – it was against North Korea, pachinko and what not

When I finally got back to the usual shopping arcades, I looked for the shop I found online, but the thing was… it wasn’t anywhere. I checked the street view beforehand, so I knew what to look for, but it just wasn’t there… Later at home I checked the net again, and it turned out the shop closed doors at the end of 2012 – too bad… While I was in the area I dropped by the Loft department store to check out the jewelry box situation. I didn’t see any, but I remembered maybe I should look around the Uniqlo there to see if I can find some clothes – mainly pants. It turned out Uniqlo was having huge discounts, so I came at the right time. Since Uniqlo is probably the only store to have plain black clothes it was a chance I couldn’t pass upon. I found some great tops, and I decided to try on one of the pants that seemed okay from the length and material (I’m very picky there).

Actually during all the looking around I became conscious of guy, who seemed to be there at every shelf and corner of the shop where I was going. Actually I noticed him in the household goods part of Loft already, but it wasn’t suspicious then, but at Uniqlo it was already clear, I’m being followed orz Sure, I have read about it before, and even the school guide books warned us about such things, but I still, I was hoping it wouldn’t happen to me. I took my time with looking around as everything was new to me and there was a huge crowd in the store, but the guy didn’t seem to give up – it was really unpleasant and a bit scary too. Actually he was really standing out too, because it was the female clothing floor, and there were only a few guys with their wives or girlfriends, while he was alone. That disgusting pig of a stalker! Due to the crowd there was a long line in front of the fitting rooms, and that was my luck. It took a long time till I got in and out, and fortunately that pig gave up during that. If he was still there following me, I would have informed the store, the security or whoever, and wouldn’t have left the store while he was there. It’s no joke, really. Ever since then I’m not wearing the top I had on either – it has a very low neckline (though not really revealing), so maybe that’s what attracted that pig. I noticed that female clothing is quite different in Japan than in Europe, and I don’t just mean the very frilly, girly, childlike fashion. In Japan the tops are very uptight with generally high necklines showing nearly nothing of the décolletage, while they are showing their legs all the time wearing waaaaaay too short skirts. Really, those miniskirts wouldn’t be acceptable in Hungary at all. Not to mention I don’t really get it either, because the short Japanese women have short legs, so showing them off is not that great… Hm… Anyway, while I my tops aren’t provocative, the necklines might be considered quite daring sometimes, which is just ridiculous :/

So back to the shopping. It turned out that in Japan my size will be M – already thought so, because the Japanese sizing fits the smaller Japanese bodies, so bye-bye S size. With the tops it was okay too, but it seems I won’t be able to find fitting pants here. L is too big (especially around the waist), and while M fits, it feels quite small and uncomfortable. I need to either lose some weight (which isn’t very likely nor I do I want to) or I won’t get here any pants. We will see, but at least I got some good tops.

Apple and calorie off~

Apple and calorie off~

Cake plate~

Cake plate~

After shopping I was quite tired already, and hungry too, so I went to a Tully’s Coffee and got a cake set with ice coffee – yummy~ I really needed this. The café was quite crowded, but then I noticed one of my classmates from the language school there with whom we are generally sitting next to eachother – it was a huge coincidence, because well, just what are the chances to accidentally find someone you know at a random café in the huge shopping district XD; Anyway, after eating up I left her alone to study, and I headed to the Lashinbang in hopes to find one shop for second-hand DJ in Kyoto. It wasn’t easy, but I found it, and it’s a great shop, albeit small. The pricing for the DJs isn’t as great as at Meikido, so I doubt I will use them too much for that, but they have second-hand manga and merch stuff as well! The price range for manga is between 200 and 400 and they have a small box with stuff for 100. While I won’t buy much from the 400 yen manga, you can always find some great stuff there. I even got a point card there, so I will be back for sure~

Hydrangeas on the way

Hydrangeas on the way

The second demo I saw that day - a different one, this was for Okinawa

The second demo I saw that day – a different one, this was for Okinawa

After that I dropped by the Manga Museum, but it was late, so I was just checking out the shop. They have nice stuff, but not cheap of course, so one day… On the way I saw a lot of hydrangea which just started to bloom, so I knew I have to come back soon if I wanted to see the pretty flowers.

More hydrangeas on the way

More hydrangeas on the way

Just the riverside

Just the riverside


2 comments on “05. 25. Saturday

  1. Hali,

    en oszakai magyar vagyok, meg nem hallottam rola, hogy itt vagy, udvozlunk :D

    Koncz Akos meselt Rolad, welcome to Japan :3
    Ha van kedved majd osszefuthatunk egyszer, nem tudom latod-e az email cimem ha ide beirom…


    • Szia!

      Köszi, hogy rám írtál :D Igen, átjött a mailcímed, mentettem. Most még pár hétig nagy a hajtás, de aztán itt a nyári szünet, amikor mindenképpen át fogok ruccanni Oszakába, úgyhogy majd kereslek :)


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