05. 05. Sunday

Aww, these cute mushrooms~

Aww, these cute mushrooms~

05/05 Sunday
Continuing with a few days. Due to image-heaviness I will do it in two posts today ^^

Actually I wanted to stop with the manga shopping because I bought a lot already, but there was a shop I didn’t get to go to a few days before, and I really wanted to check it out. Once again, when, if not during discount, so I made some plans to have culture and shopping at the same time. But before that I had to prepare lunch – this time I made a pörkölt (goulash?) of cute, tiny mushrooms with pasta – aww, it was great! I love Japan’s mushrooms~


The torii of the Umenomiya Shrine

This must have been the shrine's cat - it was so ugly it's almost cute already XD

This must have been the shrine’s cat – it was so ugly it’s almost cute already XD

Anyway, after lunch I left for town, again with the 500-yen shi-bus pass. This time I traveled very far to the west part of Kyoto. Actually it was the same road where Nitori is, but even further away, almost at the end of the city area for the bus. My goal was a small shrine, the Umenomiya Shrine, which turned out to be another very old relic in Kyoto. The sun was blazing mercilessly, so I was a bit suffering, but what do you have parasols for? The shrine was easily found, and while the buildings aren’t big, there’s a huge garden hidden behind the doors. Since I was there, I took a look at the garden, of course. There was a small lake with fishes, ducks, a lot of trees and blooming flowers. The fishes (all koi) made squelching sounds and I even saw once jumping out of the water – it was really interesting. The azalea were a bit over the peak already, but still pretty, and the acacia were especially gorgeous *__* During my way in the garden I had to change batteries in my camera, but the other ones weren’t charged normally, so I was left without a camera suddenly. I already though I wouldn’t be able to take more photos, but then I remembered I could use my phone, as it has a 5 megapixel camera – yay, and so my photo shooting was saved~ The garden was impressive, really, and even better, I saw some heron type of birds sitting in the trees there – I have never seen them doing so in my life, it was very interesting.

Tried calpis for the first time - not bad, actually

Tried calpis for the first time – not bad, actually

After going around the shrine I wanted to visit a Book Off in the area – well, because Google said there was one. In the end it turned out there’s none and the info on the Google Maps is wrong or outdated. I wasted a lot of time going around the area looking for something it wasn’t there – I should have checked the website of Book Off in the first place ^^; Despite getting late in the afternoon I decided to stop by Nitori on the way back to get two more card boxes – just in case XD; I wasn’t in the shop even for 15 minutes, so I should have been able to get on the next bus, but I missed it, and I had to wait in vain for another 25 minutes for the next one orz Yeah, buses are evil and slow.

Yep, the Book Off is clearly recognizable

Yep, the Book Off is clearly recognizable

I arrived quite late to the Book Off I really wanted to check out – the one at Horikawa Gojou. Just as expected, if there is a Book Off somewhere, you don’t need to search for the store, it’s easily visible. As for the shop, I was very impressed, it’s big, with a lot of space, they do have the 250 price like the one at the Kyoto Station, and the books are less worn out too! My second fave place I guess *__* The only problem, the two floors have different counters, but generally it’s not a big issue. I bought a lot of stuff on both floors, and to my surprise I got a coupon at one of the counters: I could buy books for half the price with this on weekdays once during the next two weeks O_O Actually, even better than the 20% discount! So yeah, it was clear I need to come back here soon for more XD

Of course it took time to check through everything, so by the time I got out it was already evening. I had to get back to a bus that would take me home, so I was walking from Gojou up to Shijou and on the way I got an onigiri for dinner. At the bus stop, while I was checking out the different busses and routes, suddenly a bus arrived with Hyakumanben written on it. I had no idea about this bus, but got on thinking it would be okay, and it would go the same way as the others. But then the bus went ahead to Gion Shijo, a totally different direction on the other side of the river. First I was a bit worried, but since the bus would definitely stop at Hyakumanben, I thought, worst case I have to run a bit with the books to my train. Later I realized this bus must be one of those that are going around the town without having an end stop, and it was indeed like that – so we stopped at Demachiyanagi as well. It was a good decision to take this bus, as I saw a new part of the town – and spotted the colorful Yasaka Shrine I knew I had to visit sometime in future.

Without further ado and much words, here are more pics of the shrine and the garden:















2 comments on “05. 05. Sunday

  1. A pörköltre nem a stew-t szokták használni? Vagy az a ragu? Ne már, ha a pörkölt is goulash, akkor mégsem írták el a japánok a búcsúbulin, és alaptalanul gúnyolódtunk. XD

    • Hátööö, ja, elég érdekes a dolog. Ahogy elnéztem, rajtunk kívül mindenki ugyanazt az egy szót ragasztja a gulyásra meg a pörkölte is. A németekről tudtam korábban is, aztán amikor kerestem a jó angol szót, akkor ezt találtam ^^; Amúgy ja, végül is állagát tekintve stew, csak talán azért nem azt használják, mert akkor nincs bent, hogy ez az a magyar izé? XD;

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