04. 29-30. Monday-Tuesday

I’m late, I know, but the days are just flying away without be being able to catch up with myself in many aspects. Actually I have been writing quite diligently about the most recent things, now I only need to fill the gap as soon as possible. Here are four new day broken into three posts.

The paprikás krumpli

The paprikás krumpli

04. 29. Monday
So let’s see what happened during Golden Week, when we had more than a whole week off – at least at KyoDai, not that much at Seika. Actually the week didn’t start that great, and I had two kind of depressed days, but then I recovered quite quickly, so it’s okay. On Monday I went shopping for food first, and I could get new potatoes for a good price, so I decided to make paprikás krumpli (potato goulash?) from that. It was great and I enjoyed being able to eat potatoes for lunch ^^

Since I had no classes at KyoDai, I decided to go to the seminar at Seika I’m generally unable to attend. It’s a class for the MA students, so it’s supposed to be easier than the doctoral class on Tuesday, but for me it was hard to follow anyway. This was the point where I became a bit desperate and frustrated over my own lacks in both the Japanese language and in the academics. For one I felt I came here too early and I should have polished my Japanese more before coming, on the other hand I felt the six-year-long absence from any academic studies was just too long. What might be common knowledge to any current uni students is long forgotten for me, and it’s not easy to catch up. Well, what can I do, it’s not like I could come here earlier or later, so the only way is to get over the Japanese course as soon as possible and then dedicate myself to reading tons of academic texts both in Japanese and English. While I know that, I couldn’t help but be depressed about the current state of affairs, and was totally not looking forward to the class on Tuesday. Not to mention there was a welcome party/nomikai for the doctoral/research students after the class on Tuesday, and I was really anxious about that as well.

So-so choco with biscuits

So-so choco with biscuits

Rich soup with mushrooms and potatoes

Rich soup with mushrooms and potatoes

04. 30. Tuesday
My Tuesday started the same way. This time I made soup, and just to make it richer I threw some potatoes and mushrooms into the mix – and it was great~

The depression remained, what’s more, it was increased by a devastating discovery on the net: I missed Takemiya Keiko’s exhibition orz It was Sensei’s first exhibition in Kyoto for years, and took place in a gallery in the shopping district between 04. 20 and 27. – I missed it by a few days only T__T Not to mention I was in the area last week, maybe even passed by that gallery, but I totally didn’t notice… The exhibition centered around Kaze to Ki no Uta, so I really would have loved to see it, and I missed my chance despite being here :( Really, I have to start stalking the official pages of the artists I like, or I will miss everything. I already marked my calendar for the Nakahara Junichi exhibition in Osaka during the summer – and yes, I’m willing to go to Osaka for that!

The class about Eisenstein's montage theory was so exhausting that I had to grab a bite despite going for dinner afterwards ^^;

The class about Eisenstein’s montage theory was so exhausting that I had to grab a bite despite going for dinner afterwards ^^;

So yeah, the day didn’t start well, and I was afraid it would be even worse with today’s class, however I almost didn1t got to class. It was the first time I had to pay the rent, which can be done via bank transfer or in person. I went to the local post office and first tried to use the ATM for the transfer, but I totally didn’t understand what to do and how, so I went to the counters directly. It turned out there, that I couldn’t make any bank transfers from the post for half a year, these are the rules. Actually I have read that in the beginning, but I thought it was just for overseas transfers, Somehow it just doesn’t make sense, because how the hell do you pay your rent like that? I got the information that maybe I could do it at the Kyoto Bank there. So I took the money off my account and went to the Kyoto Bank to the ATMs. It looked very complicated, not to mention there was no English menu, but a bank employee came to my rescue. She guided me though the whole procedure, and it was so complicated that I most definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. But transfer was done, and here I was already afraid I needed to go to the office in person to be able to pay and miss my class in the afternoon. The only backside, the service fee was huge, more than 600 yen, so maybe it is worth to go in person despite the bus fare and such. There was the option to make a card with the transfer datas for the future, so we made one just in case, so next time I won’t have to go though the whole ordeal, just slip in the card and the money for the transfer. What surprised me though, it took several days till the money arrived, which is meh :/

After that the class actually went better than yesterday, but there were still my issues with the party. However it turned out I wasn’t the only one with the problem, and in the end the English speaking people were sitting together, so we didn’t have to speak Japanese all the time. We went to a Chinese restaurant, and got several courses of different kinds of dishes one after another on big plates, so we could take what we liked. First I was afraid there wouldn’t be anything without animals, but my professor was so nice, she asked the waitresses all the time about what’s in the dish they brought. In the end there were quite some things I could eat fortunately. No photos though, because I forgot, but it wouldn’t have been appropriate either. Anyway, it was a nice evening and it helped to improve my mood a lot.


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