04. 17. (Wednesday)

Mayo, corn and a 100% fruit juice

Mayo, corn and a 100% fruit juice



04/17 Wednesday
On Wednesday I had free, so I went shopping so I could cook up some lunch. I went to the Fresco at the next station in the south, Shuugakuin, and at the same time I wanted to test the bakery there. At Fresco I decided to make one of my most fave and most easy meals, egg pörkölt? Uhm… I’m not sure how to say it in English, but it’s a basic Hungarian stew, just with eggs instead of meat, and instead of noodles with bread and mayo corn salad – my own variation. I got the ingredients, only bread was missing, but I wanted to try my luck at the bakery. And you know what, they had whole-weat bread! Sure, it was the same square type and too fluffy compared to our bread, but it was whole-weat at least! A got two pastries as well, I don’t really remember about the first one, but the green thing might have been green tea powder in the there, though it didn’t taste any grassy, and after the taiyaki I was eager to taste anpan as well. There were two versions, one with white, one with black sesam on the top – this time I got the white one. Needless to say, everything was very yummy, and it was even cheaper than the other bakery. Of course I was all over the red bean paste, so I knew it wouldn’t be my last anpan XD What I really like about this bakery, that they have small plates in front of the pastries, where they note what the pasties contains – very useful for me. Oh, and both pastries were freshly baked and still warm :D~~~~

Discount apples, as one had a brown spot ^^; Not sure what issue the grapes had...

Discount apples, as one had a brown spot ^^; Not sure what issue the grapes had…

There was another grocery shop there that seemed to have a lot of vegetables and fruits, so I decided to check it out, but in the end it turned out to be just like a regular shop and the price of the fruits and stuff was like everywhere else. On the other hand I got some discounted fruits here, and I found here my smoked cheese from before, which is great, because I don’t need to wander to the other shop if I want to eat cheese. The other ones were all Camembert and more expensive, so I just bought this smoked loveliness again <3



The power of the Hungarian paprika!

The power of the Hungarian paprika!

When I got home I cooked my egg pörkölt, and I have to say, it was heavenly *___* I like the eggs here btw, they are all clean, big and the color of the yolk is pretty too. The mayo corn was a bit different than at home, but I guess the mayo does taste a bit differently. But it’s also true that I didn’t put any onion in it, because I was planning to go out later XD Btw the canned corns are quite small here, but oh well… After lunch I wanted to go to the Kyoto Station, because I got the tip that at the Bic Camera there I could find a filter jar for my water needs. To save money I went to Demachiyanagi with my pass, and then walked to the subway station near there. On the way I saw the gorgeous eagles at Demachiyanagi, but it’s very hard to take a picture of them. Not to mention my batteries ran out and somehow the other one wasn’t charged by the charger, but fortunately there was a 100 yen shop there, so I could quickly get some batteries there.

The futuristic Kyoto Station

The futuristic Kyoto Station

Awesome inner structure

Awesome inner structure

The subway was comfortable again, and soon I arrived at the Kyoto Station. Well, it was quite overwhelming and I didn’t even see much of it yet. There are a lot of people, lot of tourists, and it was hard to know where to go at all. Generally I can get anywhere with a map, but here I was going quite some unnecessary rounds all day, because it just wasn’t clear where I was. There is actually the Kyoto Tower, that could serve as a guide, but the buildings there are huge, so most of the time it wasn’t even visible ^^; Somehow I did find the Bic Camera, which is like a 6-storey electric shop. First I went to the kitchen goods, I found rice cookers and ovens that would be great for me, but the cheapest were like 3000 yen, and it’s not like I could have carried them home, so it was just for my reference. I found the jars too, and OMG there were so many! It took me like 30 minutes to figure out which to buy, because they aren’t really cheap, and after the price of the jar you even need to consider the price of the filter. In the end I got one, only hoping it would be good.

Bic Camera - very big

Bic Camera – very big

Kyoto Tower... one day...

Kyoto Tower… one day…

After that I checked out the tablets, so I could get a real life testing of the ones I considered getting, the Acer Iconia Tab A700-S32B and the ASUS Pad TF300T TF300-BL32. I still couldn’t decide, but in the end the Full HD made me pick the Acer one. The Asus one felt a bit slimmer and slightly bigger, though they should be nearly the same, but yeah, in the end the pixels count. I decided to check out the electronic toothbrushes as well, since I couldn’t bring mine here. I found my Oral-B brush there, and considered buying it too, but then I thought about how I wouldn’t be able to bring that one back to Hungary either, and how it just wasn’t worth the money. And there I saw the solution: a toothbrush with batteries! It’s working with two AA batteries, so you can bring it everywhere, and I have rechargeable ones too, so it’s all great – and it was much cheaper than the others with a plug. I spent quite a lot of time at the store, but I was satisfied with my shoppings – and hungry, so the anpan saved my life and was delicious~~~

An all-direction crossing - my first time seeing such a thing here

An all-direction crossing – my first time seeing such a thing here

Toji Temple... one day...

Toji Temple… one day…

Other than that I wanted to check out two more things here: the Animate and another Book Off. I followed the map, but it was still hard to figure out where to go and how, so in the end I made a huge detour under the blazing sun getting there. I seriously need an umbrella against the sun or I will die here in summer >< On the way I passed by the Toji Temple, but I was already too tired to go in – next time. The Book Off was a pleasant surprise as well, because it seems they have a separate pricing that others don't: 250 yen – which sounds much better than 350! Great, I seriously need to come back here as soon as possible~ After that I wanted to check out the Animate (strictly viewing only, not buying), and somehow I even found the department store where it's located. Avanti, the department store could be useful in future for other things as well, like clothes, shoes, though I'm kind of sick of the overly cute and way too feminine fashion they have here, so I'm afraid I won't really find things when needed. Anyway, the Animate was kinda small, but full of great and tempting merchandise. Still, other than that I was more impressed by the Daiso 100 yen shop there, because they seemed to have some very pretty stuff – and most of all, I finally got here a peeler for my potatoes! There were like three different sorts for different purposes (like tomato and such), so I was really impressed. I need to go back there too, because I saw there some great western-type plates, and I need some, or I will go mad with the little bowls here. At the ground floor of Avanti there is a grocery shop with some imported stuff as well, which might be useful later.

Pretty tree

Pretty tree

By the time I got out of Avanti, I was already dead tired and my feet hurt like hell. I was doing my best to get back to the subway, but it didn’t really work out – I did another detour orz Then I realized I don’t have the energy to walk 10-15 minutes from the subway, so I wanted to go to the Keihan station near there, which would directly bring me to Demachiyanagi. The road there turned out to be longer than expected, so I was basically running the same amount as with the subway, but at least I got over with it before the trains and once again I saw a part of the town I didn’t yet. And yeah, I was just happy to get home after this long day.


3 comments on “04. 17. (Wednesday)

  1. Food, food, food~ Re: onigiri, I quite like the wakame one… I think the shiso-flavored one might be vegetarian as well? At least there’s no obvious meat or fish in it, but I haven’t looked up the ingredients. Also, I too like taiyaki, and am not a big fan of dango. x)

    I didn’t know about the Avanti Animate, I wonder if it’s new…

    Clothes: Uniqlo has some inexpensive, decent quality, western-style clothing, and they have stores everywhere. I’ve also had success at finding something western-sized non-frilly stuff at Right On (afaik there’s one in the shopping street area where the other Animate is).

    It’s a pity if the Japanese classes are disappointing, but somehow that’s my impression of Japanese language schools too (though I’d still like to go xD)…

    • Thank you for the tips, it’s a great help *hugs* I didn’t know about the shiso onigiri before, but next time I will look for that~ Dango is kinda… sticky? XD; Indeed, it’s not that great, I might try some more types just for the heck of it, but yeah…

      Thanks for the tips on clothes~ Actually I stumbled upon a Uniqlo last week and it might indeed be my rescue *__* Not to mention they have plain black clothes, which seems quite rare here – and I wear black clothes only ^^; After reading your comment in the morning I checked out the Right-on in the shopping district, as I had a meeting there, and it looks great too. The shop is not that big, but they seem to have more in Kyoto, so yay :D

      Well, the Avanti Animate is quite small, they don’t even have DJs. I guess it’s not really worth visiting unless you have other things to do around there…

      I guess I will try to make the best of the language school. Looking at the positive side, at least I’m forced to do some learning for the tests and classes – otherwise I would be too distracted with life and all the manga here XD

      • Glad if I could be of service! *bows*

        Oh, try the dango that comes with the dressing, it’s double the sticky! Honestly though, I’m not sure if I like it any better. XD

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