Last day at home

Got myself an evil cold a few days ago, so it won’t be a long post. It will be fun travelling like this, but what can I do >< So this is my last day at home, and tomorrow we will leave early in the morning for the capital and the airport. Everything is packed already, now I just have to sleep really early for tomorrow. I still feels quite unreal, though currently it’s hard for me to feel anything due to my stuffy nose, hurting throat and lungs. I will try to come how for Christmas, but we will see if I can manage. Otherwise here are some pictures – I have been testing the camera I will bring with me~


One memento of the terrible weather of the past weeks


Our garden was really pretty with all the snow


Those were some really long icicles

And some sweets~

Fruit Basket

One of my fave pastries currently: Fruits Basket. I will miss this, even my birthday cake was like this in January.

Frog Mignon

Confectionery from my childhood: the Frog Mignon. This is particular in the region where I come from and quite unknown in other parts of Hungary. Cute isn’t is?

That’s all for now, the next post will be from Japan ^^/


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