To-do list

To-do list:
* opening a new blog for my Japan trip – will be wordpress I guess, I just have to figure out a fancy blog name for the address…
* finishing the translation of a manhwa volume
* writing the article about female roles in manga based on my panel in November
* making a presentation about Hungary
* getting advice about cosmetics in Japan (shampoo and skin cream)
* event on the 28th February – hand in pledge, form for visa, copy of my passport and copy of the certificate from the uni
* event on the 9th March – and getting the visa on a weekday before
* moving home from the capital
* clarifying things with my bank
* money exchange
* clarifying my tax status
* reporting permanent leave of the country
* insurance for the trip
* buying a few more sets of contacts and maybe a new pair of glasses
* buying a suitcase
* buying some clothes/shoes
* ordering some business cards for the first weeks
* short check at the dentist
* getting adapters for my laptop and external HD – it seems I just need the right plug, as both seem to work on an input between 100-240 V and 50-60 Hz
* buying souvenirs
* getting a haircut
* getting the info about the flight, informing the accommodation and Seika about the arrival
* getting the schedule of the first few days


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