Last day at home

Got myself an evil cold a few days ago, so it won’t be a long post. It will be fun travelling like this, but what can I do >< So this is my last day at home, and tomorrow we will leave early in the morning for the capital and the airport. Everything is packed already, now I just have to sleep really early for tomorrow. I still feels quite unreal, though currently it’s hard for me to feel anything due to my stuffy nose, hurting throat and lungs. I will try to come how for Christmas, but we will see if I can manage. Otherwise here are some pictures – I have been testing the camera I will bring with me~


One memento of the terrible weather of the past weeks


Our garden was really pretty with all the snow


Those were some really long icicles

And some sweets~

Fruit Basket

One of my fave pastries currently: Fruits Basket. I will miss this, even my birthday cake was like this in January.

Frog Mignon

Confectionery from my childhood: the Frog Mignon. This is particular in the region where I come from and quite unknown in other parts of Hungary. Cute isn’t is?

That’s all for now, the next post will be from Japan ^^/


Happenings and moving

Long time no see~ I was busy moving, but finally I can write about all the happenings of the past few weeks. As I have already mentioned, I quit my job on the 25th February, but lost the whole week due to the flu. Still, there was one happening I needed to attend at all cost: the orientation at the Embassy on the 28th. That day I brought my application for the visa as well, and after that there was an orientation held by a diplomat and a Monbusho alumni, who came back from Japan last Fall. We heard many interesting details, some of them was already mentioned to me by friends, but there were some new things as well.  This was also the first time we could meet the other students who received the scholarship this year. There were six for the researcher scholarship myself included (plus there is one who will leave in Fall, so we’re seven altogether), and two for the regular university scholarship, and of course everybody will attend different universities in different cities. Some of us have studied in Japan before, and had some valuable advices as well. After the orientation we were all invited to the residence of the Ambassador to have a tea or coffee (there were some interesting sweets as well) and a nice chat with the diplomats. First we had to introduce ourselves, and of course everybody was pretty tense and nervous. After that the Ambassador and the diplomats came to us to chat about our fields of research, the cities we will be living in and such. They were all very nice, but of course, such events are not easy to handle. Since I’m still not confident enough to speak Japanese I was talking in English, but sometimes they were talking to me in Japanese, so it was fun – or it would have been if I was feeling myself better that time. Due to my sickness I was really done in by this event, so I spent the rest of the week in bed.

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To-do list

To-do list:
* opening a new blog for my Japan trip – will be wordpress I guess, I just have to figure out a fancy blog name for the address…
* finishing the translation of a manhwa volume
* writing the article about female roles in manga based on my panel in November
* making a presentation about Hungary
* getting advice about cosmetics in Japan (shampoo and skin cream)
* event on the 28th February – hand in pledge, form for visa, copy of my passport and copy of the certificate from the uni
* event on the 9th March – and getting the visa on a weekday before
* moving home from the capital
* clarifying things with my bank
* money exchange
* clarifying my tax status
* reporting permanent leave of the country
* insurance for the trip
* buying a few more sets of contacts and maybe a new pair of glasses
* buying a suitcase
* buying some clothes/shoes
* ordering some business cards for the first weeks
* short check at the dentist
* getting adapters for my laptop and external HD – it seems I just need the right plug, as both seem to work on an input between 100-240 V and 50-60 Hz
* buying souvenirs
* getting a haircut
* getting the info about the flight, informing the accommodation and Seika about the arrival
* getting the schedule of the first few days


Though I quit my job last week and was supposed to have two weeks in the capital to do everything necessary, I lost the whole last week due to some nasty flu. I’m kind of over it now, but having to stuff everything in five weekdays doesn’t make things easy. Anyway, here is a post about recent ongoings and preparations. The post itself is a few weeks old and another cross-posting from my LJ, so some of the things planned here are already over. There are a lot of new developments, but I’m planning to write about them after the Monbusho happening on Saturday.

So, what happened since December until a few weeks ago? We were informed about the acceptance in December. After the Christmas holiday, when I came back to the capital I found a mail from the university in my mailbox: a certificate of the acceptance as a research student. The end date of the course is 2014 instead of 2015 on the paper, but that may be the usual procedure, so I didn’t worry about it. In January we were contacted by the Embassy about an orientation  on the 28th February and an additional Monbusho happening on the 9th March where we need to introduce ourselves. A day later we received the final confirmation about which university we can attend based on the decision by MEXT. Since I only had one university, that was no question for me at least, but they also informed me that the six-month-long intensive Japanese language course will take place at the Kyoto University.

With this announcement we started the real preparation for the departure. We were asked to contact the university about the next step, questions about the arrival, trip from the airport, accommodation and so on, and we received the documents for the visa.

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